Eat slow for weight loss

4 Ways To Eat Slowly And Lose Weight

Reducing the amount of calories consumed during a meal may be as easy as eating a little slower according to a study published by the University of Rhode Island.  They found that participants ate 67 fewer calories on average when they took about twenty minutes extra to eat there meal.  While 67 calories may sound […] Read More

How to eat healthy when your family doesnt

How Do I Eat Healthy When My Family Doesn’t?

I got an excellent question from a reader recently so I thought it would be a good idea to cover this here on the blog since it’s something that affects a lot of us, me included.  Here’s exactly what Rachel asked: Here’s my situation; I am really good about exercising and I count calories to […] Read More

Healthy Condiments

The Best (And Worst) Condiments For Health & Weight Loss

Condiments can make the difference between enjoying your meal or not! Imagine a salad without dressing? Or chips without dip? Unfortunately, most people don’t count, or even realize, the amount of calories, fat and sugar hidden in many popular condiments. Let’s take a look at a few of the worst condiments out there and some […] Read More

The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Revealed

The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Revealed

How does one know which diet, out of the thousands out there, actually works? More importantly, how do you know which diet will work for YOU and your unique situation? After all, everybody likes different foods, has a different schedule, etc… But, there is ONE important factor that every effective diet has in common! This […] Read More

Question & Answer

How can I eat healthy on the run?

Q: I’m a college student who is constantly on the run between classes and work.  I have no way of keeping food cold or anywhere to warm it up on campus because the cafeteria is closed by the time I get there.  So currently I just eat out for most of my meals.  How can […]

How do I make it through the holidays without blowing my diet?

Q: How do I make it through the holidays without blowing my diet? I’ve been known to eat half a pumpkin pie in one sitting! A: Go ahead and enjoy your pumpkin pie. Seriously! I want you to enjoy all the food and family you can. Why? Because taking one day off isn’t going to […]

What is a low-calorie diet?

A low calorie diet is more than just a weight loss plan – it’s a healthy lifestyle that controls calories through eating a variety of healthy foods and regular physical activity.  It’s the combination of these two ingredients that create the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight and improve health! Keep in mind, however, if […]

Low Calorie Foods

Kretschmer Wheat Germ


Wheat germ was brought to my attention while reading an article on Mayo Clinic about the ten best foods to be eating.  I had never really given wheat germ much thought (or even heard of it), so I thought I’d give it a try. First of all, wheat germ is the vitamin and mineral rich […]

Nasoya Nayonaise


I saw this product on the store shelves the other day and thought I would give it a try.  Not because I’m a strict vegan, but because I was impressed with the ingredients list (versus other regular mayo’s) plus it had less than half the calories – 40 calories per tbsp versus 90 calories in […]

Good Greens Bars

good greens bars

I tried Good Greens bars for the first time just last week and it has quickly become my bar of choice for two reasons – taste and nutrition! Unlike many other health bars, Good Greens bars taste great, with my favorite being Chocolate Raspberry.  But beyond taste, these bars an incredible amount of vitamins and […]