35 Super Foods To Boost Immune System

35 Foods To Super Boost Your Immune System

Looking for a few good ways to ward off colds and keep your immune system running in top shape?  Then look no further than your kitchen!  You may already have a few immune boosting foods sitting in the fridge and if not, it’s never too late to stock up. How Foods Boost Your Immunity Immunity boosting foods … Continue Reading

Low Calorie Foods

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I’m eating clean foods, but I’m not losing weight. Why?

Q: I’m eating “clean foods” all the time, I rarely cheat, yet I am not losing weight.  What gives? A: Eating so-called “clean foods” doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose those unwanted pounds.  You could eat a strict diet of lean meat, organic vegetables, grains and fruits, but if you’re taking in more calories than […]

Can chewing sugar-free gum help me lose weight?

Q. Can chewing sugar-free gum help me lose weight? A. It may do just that, according to a study conducted by University of Rhode Island professor Kathleen Melanson.  The study concluded that chewing sugar-free gum may help to reduce caloric intake and increase energy expenditure. The subjects chewed sugar-free gum for a total of an […]

Will Buttering Certain Foods Ruin My Diet?

Q: It’s hard for me to choke down “healthy” foods like broccoli or baked potatoes without putting butter on them. Is it going to ruin my diet if I put a slab of butter on these foods? A: Butter is one of those foods that have gotten a bad rap over the years, mostly due […]