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Will eating slowly really help me lose weight?

Q: Will eating slowly really help me lose weight? A: Yes, according to a study at the University of Rhode Island. Researchers found that eating slowly can reduce around 70 calories per meal, which can add up over time. This study supports the theory that it takes time for your body to recognize when it’s […]

Is it OK to drink coffee?

Q: I keep getting conflicting information about drinking coffee.  It seems like one day it’s fine and the other it’s not.  Is it OK to enjoy a cup or two? A: Yes, it’s OK. Coffee actually helps your body burn more calories (by stimulating your central nervous system and increasing your metabolic rate) and even […]

Are there any healthy cereals that taste good?

Q: My kids will only eat sugary cereals and absolutely refuse to eat any healthy cereal because they say it tastes like Styrofoam.  Can you recommend any that taste good? A: Absolutely.  Some of the best tasting cereals I’ve ever had are “healthy”.  Try Kay’s Naturals Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal, Nature’s Path organic Pumpkin Granola, […]

How Do I Accurately Measure Body Fat?

Q: How Do I Accurately Measure Body Fat? A: There are a variety of ways to measure body fat, though none of them are 100% accurate. I recommend body fat calipers.  Here are a few tips: Be sure to measure the same spots on the body every time. Measure under the same circumstances every time. […]

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