Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight can be both physically and mentally tough!  The hunger pains and lack of energy can make it physically tough while not being able to eat the foods or as much food as you want can take its toll mentally.

But, by eating certain low calorie foods that help you lose weight, you can constantly feel full and energized while the pounds melt away.  And mentally, it’s a lot more enjoyable to focus on the foods you can eat rather than foods you can’t!

So, to focus on those foods we can eat, here are 17 low calorie foods that fill you up while helping you lose weight!

Foods That Help You Lose weight


Some studies suggest that cinnamon may help with weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels.  Plus, it’s a great way to add a little sweet flavor to your favorite foods without the calories.  Sprinkle it in your yogurt, smoothies or even coffee.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is great for weight loss because of its high protein content which is twice as much as regular yogurt! Protein leaves you feeling full for an extended period of time plus it burns more calories through digestion than both carbs and fat. Just make sure you choose the low-fat and low-sugar varieties.

Lean Meats

The high protein and low fat content of lean meats make them one of the best fat burning foods available! Plus, their versatility – they can be used in almost every main dish – make them a great food choice for those looking to lose weight.  Chicken breasts, lean beef and turkey are all great choices.

Cayenne Pepper

Some studies have suggested that spicy foods may aid in weight loss by raising our metabolism.  While the effect on our metabolism is minimal, you might not eat as much food if it’s spicy, reducing your overall caloric intake.

Green Tea

A few studies have shown that regularly drinking green tea can also slightly raise your metabolism and aid in weight loss.  Make drinking a few cups of green tea a day a regular part of your diet.


Fruits are a must for a healthy diet, but they are important for weight loss reasons, as well.  Most fruits are low in calories and high in water content and fiber.  Both the water and fiber help fill you up and leave you feeling full longer.  Plus, fruits are a healthy and low calorie way to help tame that sweet tooth!


Vegetables are nutrient dense and should be consumed regularly!  And like fruits, they are low in calories and full of water and fiber to help fill you up.  To get the most weight loss benefit from veggies, eat them at the start of your meal so you can fill up before starting in on your calorie dense main dish.


Quinoa has exploded in popularity over the last few years because it’s extremely nutrient dense and high in protein.  Plus, it has 5 grams of fiber to fill you up quicker!  Cook it up just like rice and add it to mixed veggies or throw in some chicken.


Eggs are protein packed and are a great way to start your day.  One large egg packs 7 grams of protein and 75 calories along with essential nutrients.  Don’t have time to scramble eggs in the morning?  Throw two eggs in a bowl and microwave for a minute and a half or until completely cooked and throw on some shredded cheese and salsa for a quick protein filled omelet.


Good news for all you coffee lovers out there – it may slightly raise your metabolism and lead to weight loss.  But, be careful of the high calorie extras like cream and sugar!  Instead, flavor your coffee with a little cinnamon for an extra metabolism boost!


Hot low calorie oatmeal is another water and fiber dense food that helps fill you up.  Plus, since it takes longer to eat hot meals you may consume less calories, since studies have shown a correlation between slow eating and weight loss. Choose plain oatmeal varieties and sprinkle in some cinnamon, nutmeg or berries for flavor.


Soup is a dieters secret weapon of sorts and is often brought up here on this site.  Studies have shown that when eaten at the beginning of a meal, broth-based low calorie soup can fill you up and actually lead to consuming around 70 to 90 fewer calories at your meal!  Plus, soup can make a great low calorie meal on its own – just add some lean meat like chicken and some veggies!


Like soup, salads make a great start to your meal and help fill you up before you get to the calorie-dense main dish. Just be careful what you put on your salad!  Creamy dressings and high calorie extras can quickly turn your salad into a full blown meal.  Keep your salads light and tasty with these 10 low calorie salad ideas.


When those snack cravings hit and you need something crunchy to munch on make it whole grain crispbread.  This healthy alternative to chips pack a ton of fiber to fill you up and are low in calories!  Scandinavian Bran Crispbread, which was recommended by Dr. Oz, is a popular choice.


Popcorn is a healthier and lower calorie snack alternative to regular potato chips.  Plus, it’s got fiber to help fill you up and it satisfies those crunch cravings!  If you’re worried about overindulging on this snack then take a look at Orville Redenbachers 100 Calorie Smart Pop. They are packaged in convenient and portable 100 calorie bags – perfect for work or a light snack at home.


Fish is another excellent source of protein that is low in fat and calories!  Plus, many varieties are high in Omega 3’s which may help fight heart disease and other chronic health conditions.


Beans give hunger and body fat the 2 punch combo with its high protein and fiber content.  Plus, they are extremely versatile and can be added to casseroles, chili’s, soups, dips, salads and more!

Just remember, you won’t lose weight if you’re in a caloric surplus,  so eat the right foods and be calorie conscious and the weight will come off!

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    Hi Tory, thanks for your great post!
    Many people ignore the health benefits that Quinoa can bring to our body, not only good for stomach filler but it can also boost up our metabolism when taking enough quantity.

    However, as you mentioned above, it is a source of protein, people taking it for the objective of weight loss should aware and should not overtaking, otherwise it helps you to gain weight instead of lose weight:)


    • says

      You’re exactly right Simon! None of the foods in this list will help if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning. You need to get your caloric intake under control to see results and these foods help with that!

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