Low Calorie Yogurt

Enjoy these delicious low calorie yogurt’s for breakfast or a quick, light snack.

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Yoplait Yogurt Strawberry Light


Yoplait light is one of the most popular brands of yogurt around.   Only 100 calories per serving  and no fat make this a delicious and extra light treat.  Kick it up a little by adding some fresh fruit or a little low calorie granola. Good source of Vitamin D. Available at most local grocery stores and comes in many different flavors. Ingredients Cultured Pasteurized Grade … [Read more...]

Fage Total Greek Yogurt

fage yogurt

Fage Total Greek Yogurt is one of my favorite low calorie yogurts.  I always buy the plain Total 0% which has only 120 calories per 8 oz. Tastes great with some fruit or low calorie granola mixed in and is a healthy and low calorie alternative to sour cream in your favorite recipes. Some of the highlights of this yogurt include: 100% Natural Gluten Free No added … [Read more...]