Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

12 More Low Calorie Mixed Drink Recipes

One of the most popular posts on this site is the Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks article that lists several drink recipes and tips to help you enjoy “a few” without the guilt. Because of this I thought it would be a good idea to revisit this subject and list 12 more low calorie mixed drink recipes! All of ... [Read More]

Low Calorie Foods

Question & Answer

Is butter bad for you

Is Butter Bad For You?

Q: It’s hard for me to choke down “healthy” foods like broccoli or baked potatoes without putting butter on them. Is it  unhealthy or going to ruin my diet if I put a slab of butter on these foods? ... [Read More]

Fresh Vs Frozen Fruit And Vegetables

Are raw vegetables healthier than cooked?

Q: Do I really need to eat my vegetables raw to get the most nutrition out of them? A: Not always.  Contrary to popular belief, cooking vegetables doesn’t destroy all the nutrients and some vegetables are even more ... [Read More]

Cookie and milk

Is there a such thing as a healthy cookie?

Q: My friend eats these Kashi cookies like they are going out of style.  She says it’s not a big deal because they are “healthy”.  Is there a such thing as a healthy cookie? A: There are cookies that are healthier than ... [Read More]

Habits For Successful Weight Loss

Is a low-calorie diet proven to be effective?

Is a low calorie diet proven to be effective? Yes! In fact, the only way to lose weight is by burning more calories than you take in.  It doesn’t matter what type of diet plan you choose; low carb, low fat – it all boils down ... [Read More]

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