Why Should I Lose Weight

Why Should I Lose Weight?

Why should I lose weight?  This is a question asked by many and is usually followed by:  I don’t care what I look like or my doctor said I don’t have any problems. This is a great question and one that should be answered before you even attempt to lose weight.  Knowing the reasons you should lose weight ... [Read More]

Low Calorie Foods


Smart Balance Light

Smart Balance Light tastes great with half the calories and fat of regular butter. One tablespoon contains roughly 45 calories and 5 grams of ... [Read More]

Question & Answer

High Calorie Foods

What is a low calorie diet?

A low calorie diet is more than just a weight loss plan - it's a healthy lifestyle that controls calories through eating a variety of healthy foods and regular physical activity.  It's the combination of these two ingredients ... [Read More]

How to stop drinking soda

How can I stop drinking soda?

Q: I've been drinking three pop’s a day for many years now and I've finally decided to try and kick this habit. What are some tips to kick the soda habit and make this process as easy as possible? ... [Read More]

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