Tricks To Lose Weight

4 Tricks To Start losing Weight Immediately

Looking for a few simple tricks to shed a few pounds? Then look no further.  Here’s 4 tasty ways to eat food, but lose weight in the process.  It doesn’t get much better than that! Snack on Almonds A City of Hope National Medical Center experiment had subjects eat 70 almonds a day and follow a ... [Read More]

Low Calorie Foods

Budweiser Select 55

Budweiser Select 55

Budweiser Select 55 is about as low calorie as you're going to get out of an alcoholic drink. Billed as the "lightest beer in the world", it ... [Read More]

Caveman Cookies

Original Caveman Cookies

The Original Caveman Cookies are a popular choice for those following the paleo diet, but you don't need to be on such a diet to enjoy these ... [Read More]

Question & Answer


How Do I Measure My Body Fat?

Q: How do I measure my body fat? Or maybe I should ask, do I need to measure my body fat? I started a diet and I would like to measure my results. I have heard that the scale doesn't always tell the whole story. And since the ... [Read More]

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