Easy To Make Healthy Snacks

Easy To Make Healthy Snacks

A great way to curb hunger cravings is to reach for a healthy, low calorie snack between meals. Just be aware of the amount of calories in your snacks.  It can be quite easy to turn your snack into a full blown meal! With that in mind, here’s some easy-to-make, healthy snack recipes that are low in … Continue Reading

Low Calorie Foods


Nasoya Nayonaise

I saw this product on the store shelves the other day and thought I would give it a try.  Not because I'm a strict vegan, but because I was … Continue Reading

Question & Answer

Is butter bad for you

Is Butter Bad For You?

Q: It’s hard for me to choke down “healthy” foods like broccoli or baked potatoes without putting butter on them. Is it  unhealthy or going to ruin my diet if I put a slab of butter on these foods? … Read more

Is salt bad for you

Is it bad to salt my food?

Q: I've been trying to eat healthy but I tend to put salt on a lot of my “healthy” foods to give them more taste.  Is salt bad for you?  Or am I OK to salt my foods in moderation? … Read more

Healthy Fast Food Pizza

How do I order a healthy pizza?

Q: I often go out with my friends and order pizza.  I realize this probably isn't the best thing for my diet, but I love my pizza (who doesn't?). How can I make my trips to the pizzeria healthier? … Read more

How to stop drinking soda

How can I stop drinking soda?

Q: I've been drinking three pop’s a day for many years now and I've finally decided to try and kick this habit. What are some tips to kick the soda habit and make this process as easy as possible? … Read more

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