30 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Looking for some healthy snack ideas for your kids?  Look no further!  Here’s a list of 30 healthy and simple snacks your children will love!

If your kids are anything like mine then it seems like they never stop eating. It becomes increasingly difficult to come up with a wide variety of healthy snacks to hold them over between meals. But, just as important as finding healthy snack ideas is teaching your kids smart, healthy snacking habits.

Snack smarter by following these simple and healthy tips:

  • Set a regular snack time – Preferably late in the morning and early afternoon, midway between meals.
  • Choose healthy snacks – Highly processed and sugary snacks won’t fill your kids up and will leave them wanting more just a short time later.
  • Have healthy snacks on hand – Be sure to have a good supply of snacks on hand so you’re not forced to feed them something you otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Keep the snacks light – You don’t want to turn the snack into a meal.

Creating quick and healthy snacks for your kids doesn’t have to be difficult. By combining items you already have around the house you can whip up a healthy snack your kids will love.

Here’s 30 healthy kids snacks you can try out today.
Tip – Print this off and hang it on the refrigerator!

  1. Peanut butter and apple slices .
  2. Ants on a log — Simple snack kids love!  Put peanut butter in celery stalks and top with raisins.
  3. Whole-grain cereal – Add milk or snack on it dry.
  4. Yogurt – Buy plain yogurt and jazz it up with granola.
  5. Cheesy quesadillas – Fill a low calorie tortilla up with some shredded cheese and microwave for 30 seconds.  Throw in some veggies for added health benefits.
  6. Hummus dip – Hummus has a nutty flavor kids love plus vitamins.  Try dipping carrots or other vegetables in it.
  7. Noodles – Precook a batch of noodles and store in the refrigerator for your kids to eat off of for several days.  Reheat in the microwave and add some tomato sauce, cheese or veggies.
  8. Smoothies – The possibilities are endless!  Check out some of our smoothie recipes for ideas.
  9. Snack Mix – Mix together a variety of healthy snacks including whole-grain cereals, popcorn and nuts.
  10. Ovaltine – Mix a little with some fat Free milk and you will have a god protein and vitamin filled snack.
  11. Low-fat sliced meat – Good buy itself or roll it up with a cheese slice.
  12. Healthy freeze pops — Pour 100% fruit juice in popsicle molds or an ice tray and freeze.
  13. Mini sandwich – Spread tuna or egg salad on a whole grain dinner roll.
  14. Instant oatmeal – Oatmeal is a great snack and can be dressed up in many ways with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, etc.
  15. Microwave a cup of soup and top off with whole grain crackers.  Soup is filling without the added calories.
  16. Dip a banana in yogurt.
  17. Spread celery sticks with low-fat cream cheese.
  18. Eggs – One egg provides a third of the daily protein requirements for a 4 year old.
  19. Mix together whole-grain cereal, dried fruit and nuts in a sandwich bag for a healthy snack on the road.
  20. Microwave a small sweet potato.   Cut open and dab with a small amount of butter and add cinnamon.
  21. Place cubes of low-fat cheese and cut up fruit on pretzel sticks.
  22. Microwave or toast a whole grain waffle (I prefer kasha waffles) and top with low-fat yogurt, cut up fruit or peanut butter.
  23. Healthy Banana Split –  Place a peeled a banana in a bowl with low-fat  strawberry yogurt and sprinkle with your favorite whole-grain cereal.
  24. Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese Slices.
  25. Sliced meat rollup – Place sliced meat on a whole-grain tortilla, add a little mustard and roll it up.
  26. Toast half a whole-grain English muffin and cover with tomato sauce and part-skim milk mozzarella cheese.
  27. Banana in a blanket – Microwave a whole-grain waffle and wrap it around a peeled small banana.
  28. Fruit, yogurt parfait – Layer mandarin oranges and blueberries with low-fat vanilla yogurt in a glass. Top off with granola or whole-grain cereal.
  29. Fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, etc.
  30. Fruit cups or canned fruit in water or 100% fruit juice.  Skip the canned fruits in syrup.

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  1. says

    I’m the worst when it comes to keeping healthy snacks around the house. I know I should be more health conscience especially when it comes to my kids. If you incorporate a healthy diet in their lives early, it tends to stick with them more throughout life. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. says

    Good to hear from you Roschelle! The key is SLOWLY replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. Eventually you won’t have any unhealthy items around the house to snack on…out of site, out of mind.:)

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