3 Simple Diet Changes For Big Weight Loss

Instead of looking to make major diet changes to lose weight, which typically leads to regaining all the weight back, try this: simply cut 50 or so calories out of each meal every day, an amount you will barely notice, and comfortably lose that weight.  There’s no need for extreme fad diets or cutting out entire food groups when you can take your existing diet and cut out a minimal amount of calories.

A pound of body fat equals roughly 3500 calories.  Therefore, if in a week’s time you cut out that amount, you would lose a pound in just seven days.  That might not seem as impressive as the latest fad diet touting a loss of 10lbs in a week, but this way has several advantages:

  1. You are more likely to keep the weight off
  2. You can still enjoy the foods you love while barely noticing the minor decrease in calories
  3. Improve your health, not potentially harm it
  4. It actually works!

You can even speed up the weight loss process by adding in a little extra activity. By following an exercise program you can burn even more calories and lose weight quicker and improve your health at the same time.  Hate exercising?  You’re not alone. Here’s 30 Simple Exercise Tips to help you easily burn extra calories.

So, what are a few simple ways to cut out calories from each meal?  Let’s take a look! These are by no means the only ways, but rather a small sampling of ideas to get you on the right track.

Cut Out The Fat

Not completely, of course.  But, if you typically spread two tablespoons of cream cheese on your bagel, try just one.  There’s fifty calories cut out of your meal right there. Do you put mayonnaise on your sandwich?  Try a lower calorie version or better yet, replace it with a piece of lettuce or tomato.  The list goes on:

  1. Replace your salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar – or simply use a lower calorie version
  2. Switch to skim milk instead of whole milk in your recipes
  3. Remove a couple egg yolks from scrambled eggs in the morning
  4. Use water packed tune instead of oil packed
  5. Instead of cream soups opt for broth based soups

Drink Responsibly

Liquids are an easy way to take in a large amount of calories. You can easily cut out 150 or more calories a day just switching one soda or sweetened tea to a diet version.  Fruit juice is another culprit.  While seemingly harmless, 100% fruit juice can really pack in the calories. If you typically drink a 12oz. glass of juice try halving that by simply using a smaller glass.

And speaking of drinking responsibly, the calories in beer and wine can really add up, as well.  Opt for lower calorie versions and always drink in moderation.

Sugar Control

The addition of sugar in foods, whether it be you adding it to your coffee or already added as in ice cream, can really add up overtime – and add to your waistline, as well!  The key here isn’t completely cutting sugary foods out of your diet, but rather consuming them in moderation.  Do you usually put two sugar packets in your coffee?  Reduce that to one, or use a sugar free creamer instead.  If you drink three cups of coffee a day times seven days a week the calories cut will add up.  Are you an ice cream lover?  Then try some of the sugar-free varieties and save 100 or so calories per cup.  If going sugar free isn’t an option then simply cut your portions in half.

As you can see, cutting out a few calories here and there isn’t hard and can lead to permanent weight loss overtime.  So why not start at your next meal!

For more easy tips and tricks to lower your calories check out our 39 Weight Loss Techniques Without The Dieting Fuss.

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