4 Delicious Low Calorie Salad Makeovers

Salads can be healthy and filling, but they can also be extremely fattening if they’re drowned in high calorie extras. Your typical salad from a restaurant loaded with ham, dressing, cheese, eggs and sesame seeds can contain upwards of 1000 calories.

Luckily, there are ways to enjoy your salad without the added calories.  Here’s 4 delicious tips to create a salad that’s big on taste, but not  on your waist.

  1. Add a variety of lettuce

    A cup of lettuce provides a host of nutritional benefits including vitamins, folic acid and lutein and weighs in at only 10 calories a cup. Pile on a variety of leafy greens including lettuce, spinach, kale and mustard leaves to add additional flavor and kick to your salad while providing an array of nutritional benefits.

  2. Pile on the veggies

    Like lettuce, fresh veggies are a great way to add nutritional value and unique flavor to your salad with minimal calories.  Pile on veggies like peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions and more. Just beware of veggies that are fried and/or marinated in high calorie sauces.

  3. Kick it up with a little protein

    Make your salad a balanced meal by adding a little lean protein.  Grilled chicken, eggs, tuna, salmon, shrimp and low-fat cottage cheese are all excellent choices that can really add a lot of flavor to your salad.  Again, pass on the fried or heavily marinated versions.

  4. Dress your salad wisely

    A salad isn’t complete without dressing, unfortunately this is what typically makes or breaks a salad.  A small 2oz serving of creamy caesar dressing has 190 calories and 18 grams of fat. And most people don’t stop at 2 oz.  Opt for low calorie versions of your favorite dressing or try olive oil and vinegar.

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