Low Calorie Beer

If you’re looking for a tasty low calorie beer to drink then look no further!

There’s a battle brewing in the beer industry.  And, no, it’s not over which beer is less filling or which one tastes great, but rather which drink can offer the best beer taste with the lowest amount of calories.

Your typical American beer has around 150 calories and 5% alcohol. Those numbers double in many imported beers. As for light beers you’l have around 100 calories and usually between 3-4% alcohol content.

However, the latest beers to hit the markets have almost half the amount of calories and alcohol content of your light beers.

Miller Genuine Draft 64 and Budweiser Select 55 are two of the front runners in this low calorie beer battle.  As the names suggest, they have 64 and 55 calories respectively and both contain less than 3% alcohol.

The lower calorie and alcohol content come at a price though – Taste.

In order to cut calories the brewers must lower the amount of barley and grains that go into the manufacturing of the beer.  The result?  Less calories, less alcohol and in many cases less beer taste.

Many argue that they would just drink more low calorie beers to feel the same effects of a regular beer. So, the end result would be the same caloric consumption.

But, those in favor think it’s a great alternative for the casual beer drinker who doesn’t want the added calories.

Low Calorie Beer Comparison

Low Calorie Beer

Keep in mind,  that if you’re drinking to reach a buzz (or more) then it doesn’t really matter what type of beer you drink.  Lower calorie beers typically have a lower alcohol content, so you’ll most likely be drinking more of them to achieve the same effect. Thus you’ll be consuming roughly the same amount of calories as if you were drinking a higher calorie, full flavored beer.

But, if you’re just a social drinker who wants to enjoy a few beers without the added calories then a low calorie beer is perfect for you.  You can save 500 calories or more if you drink three lower calorie beers compared to higher calorie ones.

So, to help you choose a low calorie beer we’ve compiled a list of the 21 most popular beers under 100 calories on the market today. The trick is to find a low calorie beer that you enjoy. So, you may have to experiment with a few on the list to find one you like.  You might also want to check out these low calorie alcoholic drinks and cocktail recipes!

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21 Beers Under 100 Calories (from lowest calorie beer to highest):

Beer Alcohol Calories
Budweiser Select 55 2.4% 55
Miller Genuine Draft “64” 2.8% 64
Becks Light 2.3% 64
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol 2.5% 67
O’Doul’s 0.4% 70
Coors NA 0.5% 73
O’Douls Amber 0.4% 90
Aspen Edge 4.1% 94
Amstel Light 3.5% 95
Anheuser Busch Natural Light 4.2% 95
Busch Light 4.1% 95
Michelob Ultra 4.1% 95
Clausthaler 0.4% 96
Genny Light 3.6% 96
Miller Lite 4.2% 96
St. Pauli Girl N.A. 0.5% 96
Milwaukee’s Best Light 4.5% 98
Yuengling Light D.G. 3.8% 98
Budweiser Select 4.3% 99
Corona Light 3.7% 99
Kipling Light Lager 3.4% 99

Will Beer Cause Me To Gain Weight?

The simple answer? In moderation and if you can fit it into your daily calorie limit, no.  If you enjoy drinking beer (I do) and, like most things in life, you don’t overdo it, then the positive affects it will have on your attitude and life in general will far outweigh any negative effects it might have on your diet.

You could look at beer as a double edged sword. Once ingested your body views alcohol as a poison and works hard to get it out, thus burning more calories than drinking a non-alcoholic beverage.  But, don’t go out and down that twelve pack just yet. Alcohol also stifles the oxidation of dietary fat.  So you might be burning a few more calories, but you’re burning less fat.

Another thing to keep in mind is alcohol’s effect on testosterone.  Studies show that even two to three beers per day was enough to lower testosterone by a small percent (roughly 6%).  But, at the same time raised levels of DHEA’s, which are thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

As far as calories are concerned, they vary greatly in the type of beer you drink.  Most often is the case, the higher the alcohol content of beer, the higher the calories.  You could enjoy a bottle of New Belgium Trippel which has an alcohol content of 7.8% and 215 calories. Or for about the same affect you could have two bottles of Bud light with 4.2% alcohol and 110 calories per bottle.

When drinking beer in general, especially on a low calorie diet, moderation is key.  Keep it to just a couple at a time.  And if you can stomach light beer go for it.  There is plenty on the market so try them out and see which ones you like best. A popular choice for dieters is Budweiser Select 55 (the lowest calorie beer on the market).  It only has 55 calories per bottle, so drinking only 2 to 3 of these on any given night will add between 110 and 165 calories to your daily intake.  A very small price to pay for having a few with the guys (or gals)!

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  1. Michelle says

    I’ve tried MGD64 and like it, but my guy friends all hate it. I think part of the reason is that it’s not “macho” enough to drink a super light beer!

  2. Luke R. says

    Just did my own review on the top 5 low calorie lagers. It’d be awesome if you tried some of the beers you listed, and let us know how they are! Many low calorie beers tend to taste like water or pee.

    • says

      Hey Luke! Nice review on your blog! I have tried 10 of the 20 beers on this list. Some are definitely more watered down than others, but you’re going to have that with most low calorie beers. Like I suggested, it’s best to just try some on the list and see what you like best. Everybody has a different idea of what a good beer is. Personally, if I plan on drinking quite a few beers I drink MGD 64, otherwise when I drink just a beer or two I prefer a good ale – Spotted Cow is by far my favorite beer. Try it if you’re ever in the Wisconsin area. It wouldn’t be considered low cal but you’ve got a live every once in a while!

  3. Megan says

    Bud light has 110 calories per 12 oz serving so it doesn’t belong on this list. Mich Ultra is one of my favorite light beers. It tastes good and it doesn’t have a ton of calories. You can add a splash of fresh oj to give it more flavor.

    • says

      Good call Megan! I removed Bud light and replaced it with Becks light, which has 64 calories, and is actually quite good for how low in calories it is. Thanks for stopping by!

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