I’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight But Still Have Belly Fat!

I recently received a great question from a reader who was losing weight, but wasn’t losing much belly fat in the process.  She writes:


Please advise….I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’m noticing that I’m not losing much belly fat.  Now, the reason that I started my weight loss program was mainly for the belly fat…so my question is how do I lose more weight around my waist.

I understand this can be frustrating for some, but just remember this is typically the last area that people lose fat, especially men.

However, there a few things you can do to speed up the process!  Here is my reply:

Great question! And you’re not alone as this seems to be a pretty popular question I get.

It’s important to understand that you can’t spot reduce fat! Meaning you can’t lose just the fat in your stomach area.

With that being said, it sounds like you’re already on the right track! You’re losing weight and a little belly fat too. So, to lose more belly fat you need to continue what you’re doing and burn more body fat.

If you want to speed up the process and burn your belly fat off quicker then either remove a few more calories from your diet and/or burn more calories through exercise. Preferably by mixing cardio exercises with resistance training.

For a more specific break down of exactly what you need to do to burn off the fat around your midsection check out the Best Way To Lose Belly Fat!

Ask any fitness trainer what question they get asked the most and they’ll most likely reply with “How do I get flat abs?” or “How Do I lose Belly Fat?”

And, as you can see above, the answer is surprisingly simple. But, I would like to expand on that reply and take a look at some tips to help you achieve a flatter stomach as quick as possible.

4 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

lost a lot of weight but still have belly fat

Full Body Workout For Firmer Abs
Arguably the biggest mistake people make in their quest for a flat, firm stomach is that they start doing loads and loads of ab exercises.

You should instead treat your abs like any muscle group and exercise them as part of a full body workout.

Would you do 100 bench presses to build up your chest?  No. So, try mixing in some resistance exercises for your abs and keeping the repetitions between 8 and 20.

Calories Count
Everybody has abs. The problem for many is that their abs are covered by fat, which is why they can’t see them.

So, in order to flatten your stomach and show your abs you need to lose body fat.

But, as mentioned before, doing a thousand crunches a day isn’t going to burn the fat off your belly.

Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce fat so you’ll need to reduce your overall body fat percentage by exercising more and/or consuming less calories.

Straighten Up
Want an instant flatter stomach without breaking a sweat?  Then stand up straight!

When you slouch your stomach pooches out. So, work on your posture when standing – keep your back straight, your shoulders back – and draw your belly button in towards your spine.

Keep Goals Realistic
Don’t set a goal that you want Janet Jackson’s abs by the end of the month.  There’s two things wrong with this:

  1. First, genetics play a large role in how your abs will look, so achieving the look of somebody else’s abs is impossible.
  2. Secondly, the time frame in which you expect to have a flat stomach needs to be realistic.  It takes a lot of hard work and time to achieve a flat stomach and even more if you want that 6-pack.  Give it time and hard work and you will reap the rewards!

If you’re looking to lose more belly fat then check out these additional resources to help speed up the process and blast off that fat as quickly as possible:

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    Today, everyone wants to look beautiful and for that we need a good shaped body. I agree with you Tory that nowadays it’s a very common question and I have the same question. After reading your article I think I am feeling a little motivated to start shedding some extra kilos and get a well toned body.

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