How To Lose The Muffin Top

That unsightly layer of fat that hangs over the jeans, also known as a muffin top, can leave you feeling insecure and puts you at a higher risk for certain health complications such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes, studies show.

The infamous muffin top can be a problem for both men and women. Unfortunately, for you ladies, it becomes more of a problem as you get older and reach menopause.  It’s at that moment when a females hormones change and you start to gain fat around the midsection.

Luckily, whether you’re already sporting a muffin top or just want to reduce your chances of developing one, there are a few easy things you can do to stop unwanted fat from gaining around the midsection.

How To Lose The Muffin Top

Lose The Muffin Top

There’s no “secret” to losing fat around the midsection – no pills, no special exercise equipment and no quick-fix diet plan that will burn off just the muffin top.  So, don’t get caught up in any of the marketing gimmicks that say otherwise.

Waste of money…and time!

Instead focus on what truly matters for fat loss and ultimately your health – proper diet and exercise!  This will help you lose overall body fat which in turn will melt away the muffin top.

Let’s take a closer look.

Eat Away That Muffin Top

The first step to losing the fat around your midsection is to focus on the quality and quantity of the foods you eat.  In other words, make the bulk of your diet consist of whole foods and lower the amount of calories you take in on a daily basis by roughly 15-20%.

This will help create the caloric deficit required to burn off body fat and supply you with essential vitamins and other nutrients for optimal health.

The following resources will give you a more in-depth look on how to effectively burn off that muffin top for good through controlling caloric intake and eating the right foods:

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Work Off That Muffin Top

In conjunction with a proper diet, you’ll want to burn off calories by moving more.  This doesn’t mean perform thousands of crunches everyday to try and burn off stomach fat, but rather perform intense, calorie burning cardio with some resistance training like lifting weights.

Here are three important resources that will teach you how to quickly and effectively burn off that muffin top:

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Putting It All Together

Making temporary diet and exercise changes may burn off your muffin top, but it won’t keep it away forever!  That’s why it’s important to make healthy lifestyle changes!

Make healthy eating and physical activity a daily part of your life.  Find healthy foods you enjoy eating and calorie burning activities that you look forward to doing.

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  1. Tammy says

    Thanks for this! I just started doing crunches to try and burn the fat off my midsection. Now I know there’s a little more to it! :) I will give this a try!


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