Is The Weekend Ruining Your Diet?

The weekends: known to many as those two days away from work, but unbeknownst to most as a saboteur of diets.  Those two little harmless days have been shown to sneak in an extra 400 calories in many people’s diets, effectively making it that much harder to lose weight.

An extra 400 calories over the weekend may not seem like much, but over the course of a year those calories can really add up.  Have you ever wondered how those ten extra pounds snuck up on you?  Now you know.

Here’s a few simple solutions to make sure you’re weekend eating stays under control.

Stay focused

Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean you get two days off your diet.  Continue with your diet throughout the weekend and allow yourself a cheat meal if desired.  *Notice I said cheat meal, not cheat weekend.

Keep a food journal

The most accurate way to ensure you’re not sabotaging your diet over the weekend is to keep a food journal. By tracking your calories and the foods you eat you will be able to tell exactly where you stand on your caloric intake and if you need to make any changes. Many people have found food journals to be the staple of their dieting success.

Look at the big picture

A technique you may find useful if your caloric intake fluctuates from day to day is to monitor calories over the course of a week instead of daily. For example, if your daily goal is around 2000 calories and you find some days you go over and other days are under, it might make more sense to shoot for 14,000 calories over the course of a week.  This will ensure you are still hitting your dietary goals at the end of the week, regardless if you happen to overeat one day.

Precook your weekend meals

If you’re anything like me then you don’t want to spend all weekend cooking meals, which usually leads to eating out more often.  And while there are ways to make healthy fast food choices, it’s typically a lot easier to consume extra calories without realizing it.  To remedy this try saving leftovers from meals throughout the week or when you do cook on the weekends make extra and freeze the rest.  This way you can always have healthy eating options at your disposal.

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