Low Calorie Butter

Enjoy the delicious taste of butter again on your favorite foods with these low calorie, low fat butter options.

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Melt Organic Butter Spread

Melt Organic Butter Spread

I love adding butter to certain foods and contrary to popular belief, butter does not have to be bad for you, especially if you use Melt Organic Butter Spread! I've been testing out the Rich & Creamy Melt Organic and have been extremely impressed with the taste and more so the healthy ingredients it contains.  It's made with a variety of the healthiest oils available ... [Read More]

Smart Balance Buttery Burst Spray


Smart Balance Buttery Burst Spray is a delicious zero calorie butter spray that you can use on anything you would spread real butter on. This spray contains no calories, carbs, cholesterol or fat per serving.  However, one ingredient I'm not a big fan of that this spray contains is TBHQ.  This is a food preservative that can be found in many foods, including Chicken ... [Read More]

Smart Balance Light


Smart Balance Light tastes great with half the calories and fat of regular butter. One tablespoon contains roughly 45 calories and 5 grams of fat. This light butter contains absolutely no dairy at all, as it is made with a unique blend of oils which is said to improve the cholesterol ratio. While this is a great butter for spreads, the official Smart Balance website ... [Read More]