mix 1 Lean Performance Protein Shake

mix 1 Lean Performance Protein ShakeI love the regular mix 1 protein drinks and have used them as a meal replacement many times.  But, I’ve recently discovered their lower calorie versions, which taste just as good with less than half the calories!

Their Lean Performance line of drinks contain only 90 calories, compared to 200 calories in their regular protein drinks.  They mix together only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients including whey protein isolate, carbs, antioxidants, soluble fiber and healthy fats.

The best part? These drinks deliver the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables, along with 3 grams of heart healthy soluble fiber and 10 grams of high quality whey protein isolate.

Available in these flavors: Acai-Pomegranate, Blueberry, Strawberry-Banana, and Orange Twist.

Product Features

  • Completely natural
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • 10 grams of quality whey protein

Where to buy: Contact mix1 to find a store near you or buy from Amazon.com and save over 18% plus get FREE shipping!!

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