Scandinavian Bran Crispbread

Scandinavian Bran CrispbreadRecommended by Dr. Oz because of its high fiber content and appetite suppressing properties, Scandinavian bran crispbread contains just 12 calories a slice and 2g net carbs! It’s ideal for those who are trying to lose or maintain a healthy body weight.

On the downside, some find these crackers to be a little boring, taste wise and extremely dry. If you find the taste of these crackers to be a little bland (they are bran crackers after all) then try topping them with a little spread of peanut butter or perhaps some thinly sliced or cottage cheese. And have a glass of water ready if you feel they are a little dry.

These are the perfect treat to help you get past mindless night-time snacking, which can be a real diet buster for many!

Product Features

  • 50 percent dietary fiber
  • 2G net carbs
  • Only 12 calories per slice

Walk it off in (1 serving): 2 minutes
**Assuming a weight of 150 pounds and walking at 4.5mph

Where to buy: Find the nearest retailer or have them shipped to you from and save up to 35% plus it’s eligible for FREE shipping!

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