How do I order a healthy pizza?

Q: I often go out with my friends and order pizza.  I realize this probably isn’t the best thing for my diet, but I love my pizza (who doesn’t?).

How can I make my trips to the pizzeria healthier?

A: The best way would be to make it yourself.  That way you can control exactly what goes into it.

But, if you must go out and enjoy a pie (and like you said, who doesn’t) then follow these tips for a healthier pizza.

How To Order A Healthy Pizza

How to order a healthy pizza

Crust matters – Save calories and cut out a few carbs and fat by ordering a thin crust pizza versus pan style.

Pile on veggies – load up the pie with veggies instead of fatty meats and you’ll gain vital nutrients while cutting out saturated fats.

Lean meats – If you opt for meats on your pizza then choose their leaner counterparts such as chicken or Canadian bacon.  This will add valuable protein without the added fats

Easy on this, more of that – Cut out a little fat and add some antioxidants by going easy on the cheese and getting extra sauce.

Fill up on salad first – If your local pizzeria offers a salad bar or a side salad then fill up on that first.  That way you won’t be as hungry when it comes time to enjoy your higher calorie main dish.

Walk to the pizzeria – If your local pizzeria is within walking distance then you might as well improve your health and burn a few calories on the way there and back.

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  1. Jenn says

    Now that I make my own pizza I dont order it. I use a whole wheat thin crust pizza shell low fat cheese and chicken along with low fat ranch.

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